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Navibulgar Services Ltd. is certified by SGS against ISO 9001:2008 for the following services:

  • Providing of communication solutions and access to satellite communications, voice phone services, data transition and transmission, Internet;
  • Sale and/or registration of communication equipment;
  • Communications consulting services;
  • Providing of services in the field of maritime and logistics business, such as ships supply (provisions, stores, equipment, spare parts, marine paints, lub oils etc.) and logistics services.

The certificate is valid from 13.05.2014 to 12.05.2017.

Our branch in Constanta - Navibulgar Services Srl Varna Sucursala Constanta, also holds ISO 9001:2008 certificate (valid from 13.05.2014 to 12.05.2017) for the following services:  

  • Provision of services for the maritime and speditor business relevant to ship's supply wth provisions, consumables, equipment, spares, paints,   lubricants etc. 
  • Related logistic services

The company has successfully implemented a Safety and Quality Management System (SQMS). The main target of the SQMS system is to increase the customer satisfaction through effective organization of the work process, compliant with the international standards in the industry.


Bulgarian Ship Suppliers
Association (BSSA)
International Marine
Purchasing Association (IMPA)
International Shipsuppliers &
Services Association (ISSA)












Communication Regulation     Inmarsat Bronze Service Provider
Commission                         Connect Accreditation Programme



GL Approval Certificates

for Testing of Radio Communication Equipment  

for Testing of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR)










LR Approval of Service Supplier








ABS Certificates of Service Recognition


Radio Technician (SOLAS Surveys of Radio Installation)


Annual Performance Testing of Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)



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