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Our Ships Supply Center helps to reduce the main costs, involved in the ship operation/maintenance (paints, lubricants, spare parts forwarding and logistics, mooring ropes etc.). Navibulgar Services Ltd. has all the facilities for proper storage of all types of goods (regardless of size and weight) in a suitable and secure environment. The designated bonded warehouse offers storage of goods, unpaid under bond custody of the importer or their agent or customs officers.

We have well experienced Customs & Logistics team able to arrange all customs formalities for releasing any types of goods/cargos. For ship-owners we can provide storage for all types of spares (delivered by different suppliers) with consequent delivery onboard in all ports, domestic and worldwide. The spares are delivered onboard according to the instructions received. With different types of vehicles available, Navibulgar Services Ltd. is able to collect spares from the vessel for repair and maintenance or for temporary storage until the next destination is known.

Our team of professionals can offer all services related to import-export and customs operations. We offer a complete presentation of your goods and spares passing through Bulgarian customs. Thanks to our mobility, we can save time and react appropriately to any emergency. 

What we do

   • We perform forwarding and logistics for ships’ spare parts supplies.
   • We do customs clearance for storage and export of spare parts.
   • We organize the transport of the spare parts by air or land to the ship.
   • We work as licensed customs brokers.


Terms & Conditions
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